Set release date for debut album!

 Vault of Dried Bones sets November 4th as the international release date for Eggs of Gomorrh's debut album, Rot Prophet, on CD format. Although the band self-released a demo also titled Rot Prophet in 2011, only three songs from that have been carried over here: thus, with a completely different (and superior) recording, this CD version should be considered Eggs of Gomorrh's official debut. Granted, the Swiss quartet have been hiding in the shadows these past five years, but they've taken their atrocities to the stage quite often, and now with this newest Rot Prophet, the name Eggs of Gomorrh shall soon be spoken widely across the black/death underground.
 Since the beginning, Eggs of Gomorrh's sound has firmly and unapologetically situated itself between the bestial and war metal idioms. And yet, within that bilious and brazen maelstrom lay a whole host of perversions salaciously pursued in the name of blitzed-out, far-beyond-the-red oblivion. It is a sound that doggedly gnaws at the listener, first pulverizing with its overwhelming physicality and then adding aggravation upon virulent aggravation: a sickly gestating cauldron of filth and fetidness, raw disgust and naked hatred, all captured exquisitely/disgustingly with a mixing/mastering by Vassafor's VK. Verily, Rot Prophet is 26 minutes of miasmic madness that simply must be confronted, Eggs of Gomorrh truly planting seeds of sanity-flaying pseudo-salvation. Wrongness never rests... Awaken to it HERE at Vault of Dried Bones' Bandcamp, where the album can also be ordered.

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