New full length by italian prog post metallers!

 Born in 2009 in Arenzano (Genova), after 2012 album Tumultum and the ep Blindness of the Sun (2013), and collaboration with artists as Jarboe (Swans), the free jazz trumpeter Giovanni Sansone (La Crus, Casino Royale) and Italian drone doom act Shabda, VAREGO are back with six new songs of unrelentless energy and fury. With renewed vibes in their sound, made of unceasing guitar riffing, yet built on progressive structures with a sort of cinematic touch, VAREGO joined forces with producer BILLY ANDERSON for mixing and mastering process. Today the band still keeps its roots alive by transforming them into something briefly described as ?voivodian? atmospheres. With influences coming from sci-fi literature as Lovecraft, Dick, Asimov and Evangelisti, EPOCH is a journey through space, dimensions, minds and ?avant-garde chaos?. Cover artwork by Italian renowned illustrator Marco Castagnetto. Mixed and mastered by BILLY ANDERSON (High on Fire, Sleep, Neurosis).

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