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Set release date for new album!

 On November 25th, Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present Heavydeath's second album, In Circles We Die, on exclusive double-LP vinyl. In early 2015, Heavydeath emerged from the deep underground with their debut album, Eternal Sleepwalker. Ever aptly titled, Eternal Sleepwalker was a smokestacked monolith of doom-death desperation and despair, and the studious culmination of ten demos the prior year. It would go on to be critically acclaimed across a wide variety of media and listeners.
 And yet, Heavydeath was formed with the simplest purpose: simply, to create and play some kind of "heavy death" music. Unapologetically, the music is recorded as a trio. No frills: just guitar, bass, drums, and some vocals on top/inside of it. And once again, Heavydeath simply do that with In Circles We Die, and yet manage to create something even more smokestacked, desperate, and despairing.
 Whereas Eternal Sleepwalker was a blunt-force bludgeon, In Circles We Die finds the cracked 'n' crumbling spaces in between those bludgeons. Dynamics and patient pacing play a heavier role here, allowing strangely disharmonic melodies to warp the mind and melt the synapses...s-l-o-w-l-y. Crushing crests of riff wash over the listener, making the listener feel filthy, and the emotional resonance at the heart of Heavydeath's aesthetic becomes more tortured and difficult to shoulder. And it's literally MASSIVE: eight songs in a soul-draining 64 minutes, fully fitting of its double-LP vinyl format. It's very much Heavydeath, yet very much a completely new chapter for the power-trio.
 As the band are fond of saying, "One thing is for sure - it sounds heavy as death." Indeed it does, and In Circles We Die...

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