Set release date for new MLP!

 On November 11th, Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present Chhinnamasta's Vajra-Sarpa on 12" vinyl. Originally released earlier this year on cassette by Tour de Garde, this new MLP pressing of Vajra-Sarpa will be many people's introduction to this obscure Indian entity. Although once barren for heavy metal of any variety, India in recent years has produced a number of underground contenders, particularly on the black/death front. Chhinnamasta, a duo from Kolkata, are immersed in a mystical, hypnotizing fog of ancient black metal, at once immediately familiar yet profoundly foreign. With one demo prior to this, Vajra-Sarpa is a masterful, three-spear work of shapeshifting magick, its sulfurous vapor trails entwining the listener's spirit and binding it to an essence that's formless and fathomless. It is black metal of the purest vintage, but by no means shackled to tradition. It is the beginning of an era whereby Chhinnamasta will be spoken on serpent tongues.
 A statement from the band reads: "Chhinnamasta was forged in the year 2012 CE from the antediluvian flames of Vedic Kaliksetra. After releasing a self-released demo tape in early 2014 CE, we present to you Vajra-Sarpa, blessed by our deepest devotion to the Supramental 'Otherness' of the Being. Our opus rises from the juxtaposition of strength and virility of the Rigvedic deva Indra and death and consumption of the Being as that symbolized by the asura Vritra. The Vedic spear remembers the primordial root of the thunderous demiurge pushing up the sky to usher in the Ushas, the ancient spirits of illumination. This work pays tribute to that primordial root."

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