New album "Ex Nihilo" out on September 10th!

 The end of the world may come in many shapes, be it an all-consuming computer virus, a zombie apocalypse, an approaching tidal wave or an annihilating bass frequency. After the end, from out of nothing comes a new digital world order to which we must adapt. New threats of which to be vigilant. New monsters with which we must learn to co-exist.
 “Ex Nihilo”, the third album by the Helsinki-based electro-metal outfit Khroma, was conceived out of necessity — a necessity to witness and comprehend the impending new beginning.
 In our physical reality, nothing is created in a void, nor can anything exist in a vacuum. Dead or alive, everything around us is comprised of the same matter, only rearranged. As we are faced with a new, artificial plane of reality, our beliefs are being challenged — an entire alternate world of ones and zeroes has been born ex nihilo, out of nothing, and shows no signs of entropy or decay.
 With ”Ex Nihilo”, Khroma continues to explore the realm between the analog and the synthetic. The defining elements — down-tuned grooves, cinematic soundscapes, trip hop and drum’n’bass beats, and vocals extending from whispers to screams — are all still there, yet rearranged to a new collage. “Ex Nihilo” sees the Helsinki-based Khroma once again reinvent their self-proclaimed electronic alternative metal sound.

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