New EP "Into Madness" out now!

 Apogean are a five piece technical death metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; looking to push through the progressive and heavy realms with their upcoming musical machinations. Inspired by their forebearers (Soreption, The Faceless, Entheos, The Contortionist, Fallujah, The Zennith Passage, etc.) they are ready and capable of trudging headlong into the void dragging along as many as are willing follow. Their upcoming EP titled Into Madness features mixing and mastering by Zach Ohren (Entheos, Machine Head).
 Into Madness EP Into Madness, the EP from Apogean, is the story of the fall from the heights of sanity, to the very depths of madness and all that can be experienced on this journey. Apogean wants to take the listener on this path of knowledge, loss, and resurgence. With Dexter and Gabe on guitars creating that cutting feel, Robert with that low end, Spike spinning the story and Jacob on the percussion front, Apogean are looking to pierce the veil and take any willing, on the journey of the mind.

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