"The Magnolia Sessions" out on May 7th!

 AUSTIN STAMBAUGH reveals, “These songs to me have a yearn like old hymns, they are ideas that offer insight on the perspective of oneself and limitations. They are about existential fear and self-accountability. ‘God Please Save My Soul’ was a real feeling I had to say. I also wanted to put some good in the world and encourage people. Like with the song ‘Do Your Best with What You Have Now.’ I wanted it to serve as a reachable encouragement, and the melody to resolve close to purity. That spooky sound with living lyrics! I've been telling people it's sort of a schizophrenic religious album. The horror hymn ‘My Fear Of God’ is the scariest one on the record, the act of reaching out your hand to feel God, and snatching nothing.”
 AUSTIN STAMBAUGH is a guitarist, poet, and songwriter, originally from Northeastern Ohio, now located in Nashville, Tennessee. Enriched with an authenticity that is magnetically keen, he has supported national touring acts such as Joe Ely and Kinky Friedman. His work has been called, "Timeless and nuanced, starkly sad and a little funny...,” by Lilly Hiatt, who says, “enjoy with the lights low." Noel McKay wrote, " AUSTIN STAMBAUGH is one of those rare, inspired songwriters who isn't just writing what he thinks he's supposed to. His dedication to real storytelling and poetry makes his work effortlessly entertaining."

(Photograph by Ericka Poore)

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