New self-released album "Radical Absolution" out on May 14th!

 With this new album, Crawling Manifest really dug deep into a current event/political mindset, with almost all of the lyrics reflecting on the struggles of the everyday person in the world of 2020. For example, the song “Right to Refrain Silence,” is nothing short of a fight song, with every line pointing out the failings of our leaders, and coming together in the chorus of “United we stand, divided they fall.”
 At the beginning of the recording process for this release, “Radical Absolution” was supposed to be a four-song EP…. Then COVID happened. When we started coming out of lockdown, we met back up to go over what we had written, and how we wanted to move forward. During that we realized wait… we have way too many songs for this…. You wanna make this an album? And now we have an album.
 Musically, the album is our modern take on our favorite types of thrash metal, and how we could best blend all of them and mold them to our own vision. It’s an aggressive, hard-hitting combination of riffs, topped with equally aggressive vocals and fast, piercing solos. The start of the album is an emotional instrumental build-up to the first track, and the last track fading out to a soft, bluesy groove really reminds me of taking a deep breath, letting everything that’s been build up inside out, and then starting fresh.

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