Debut album "Embracing Hatred And Beckoning Darkness" out on March 10th!

 A clandestine endeavor hailing from parts unknown, SULPUR made their public debut with a two-song 7" EP in 2020. A swift-yet-auspicious preview for their inevitable first full-length, Sulpur-the-record made plain SULPUR's aims: righteously raw yet dizzyingly melodic black metal steeped in the essence of the ancients.
 Now that first full-length arrives bearing the ever-apropros title Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness. An intensification and elongation of the debut EP's aims, SULPUR's debut album bleeds authenticity and antagonism with every scabrous note, every ghoulish gesticulation. This is old-ways/old-days black metal entirely unmindful of nowadays Instagram "record collectors" and selfie dress-up cultural tourists, its muse drawing blood from taboo life experiences as handily as cherished tomes from '90s Eastern Europe, lesser-known Scandinavia, and wrong-headed North America. As such, astute songwriting takes precedence - no trendy, surface-level "raw black metal" signifiers here otherwise masking insincerity - as SULPUR effortlessly explore a wealth of textural terrain proudly within the boundaries of black metal, and each of the five principal epics enclosed within lead the listener onward and downward toward terrible truth and moonlit mysticism alike. It's a 43-minute statement whose punctuation is clear: SULPUR is not for you.

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