New self-titled EP out on January 29th!

 The Brides of the Black Room is an artistic collective existing for the sole purpose of serving our eternal Mother. The harder the outside world has tried to destroy, the harder the collective has become. For every blow, they have grown stronger.
 As a contrast to the dreamy yet knife-cuttingly sharp soundscapes of ‘Ambulance’ and ‘All That I Have Left of You is Missing’, a new take on the latter in ‘Queendom’ brings the darkness that seeps through the collective to the forth ground. The track paints a picture of doom in a symphony of foreboding electronic sounds, while the calm-after-the-storm limbo of 'Lilith' tells us of how strength may conquer over suffering. "I’ll take the pain and wear it like a crown".
 The Brides of the Black Room will drop their new EP on all platforms via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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