Debut album, “Waves”, out on the 22nd of January!

 SUAD creates dream-like memories with her singular, emotive voice. An accomplished Finnish singer/songwriter, SUAD forges her own distinctively personal and boldy organic style. From retro-chic dancefloor beats to dark-edged, emotional indie pearls of longing, Svart Records is proud to present SUAD's debut album “Waves”, a treasure chest of crushing hits that lands in January 2021. Waves is a dark pop jewel, with SUAD's soulful voice at its heart and powerfully introspective lyrics. Shimmering chords, and gossamer melodies that Atwood magazine describes as “An uplifting, cathartic enchantment”.
 Suad’s background consists of years of working with a variety of domestic and international bands and projects. Working on her solo career has been a steady ascent towards the debut album “Waves”. What has been a pilgrimage through various experiments to find her voice as a composer and musician, is now so urgent and enigmatic.
 SUAD’s music is deeply personal and intertwined with a variety of deep, dark overtones, explaining her debut full length album as “a step towards a deep end, where personal feelings and ideas mix with the creative process, often subconsciously.” SUAD expands on her creative process, saying:
 “I can sometimes awaken to a new understanding of the meaning behind a song’s lyrics after the lyrics are ready. My songwriting process is often a very intuitive and intimate one.”
 SUAD’s “Waves” has many familiar names in its lineup of musicians. Waves’ organic-sounding band consists of infamous Finnish talents; Vilunki 3000, Tuomo Puranen, Tommi Toijonen, Tapio Viitasaari and Henri Lindstrom. The band’s unique sound was honed by the Finnish production legend Lauri Eloranta, together with SUAD.

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