Debut demo "Little Chasm Of Horrors" out on February 28th!

 CALIGARI RECORDS is proud to present MUSCIPULA's debut demo, Little Chasm of Horrors, on cassette tape format.
 From the vile swamps of the American Southeast lives Dionanea Muscipula. Beneath the dense putrid flora and viscous ooze, the Beast thrives with a growing taste for the fresh flesh of the human variety! MUSCIPULA now plots the doom of all red-blooded life forms and prepares for Carnivorous Vegetation Supremacy!
 The MUSCIPULA sound is a simple yet oppressive one. Imagine early Finnish death metal slowed down and dragged through the gutter - or any one of Bolt Thrower's most world-eating moments plunged into quicksand.   Naturally, other names invoked include Winter, Unholy, Goatlord, and earliest Cianide, but there's an exceptionally humid (and HELLISH) atmosphere across the aptly titled Little Chasm of Horrors that puts this brand-new entity in already-advance standing. But, with the sheer CRUSHING density of the recording alone, MUSCIPULA will make sure you're NOT standing the second their sewer-drenched decibels hit you...

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