"Still get nervous even after the gig?"

 "I always wondered, "when am I ever gonna run into King Edward". It almost happened in 2008 when COSMOSQUAD was playing at his Frankenstein guitar unveiling but he was in no shape to hang, jam or anything. I finally did get to meet my hero when I played a private event held by Fender CEO Larry Thomas in 2013 where Tony Franklin (BLUE MURDER, THE FIRM), Chris Layton (STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, ARC ANGELS) and I were the backing band for a number of stars. Edwardwas on the bill as well. It was great to play and have him standing there listening. He didn't sit in with us and did more of one-on-one Q&A with Larry. He played fantastic, of course - very free flowing and showing off his tapping techniques. When he walked off the stage, he looked at me and showed me his hands as they were shaking. He said, "Can you believe I still get nervous even AFTER the gig?!" My jaw dropped thinking, "Wow, he must feel so much pressure to fill the shoes of the legend that he created." At first, I was thinking I should be nervous for God's sakes - I'm playing and, holy shit, Eddie is right there! That night, EVH charged my batteries once again. SO INSPIRING! I ended waiting 7 years before I finally received from the photographer the only pic of us together that day. It came the day after he passed away. Very bitter sweet."

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