The feud goes on!

 In two exclusive interviews with ROCK CANDY MAG, its clear that Don Dokken and George Lynch still can't get along.…
 Dokken was one of the biggest hair metal bands of the ‘80s, selling a whopping 20 million albums. But frontman Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch never could get along. And more than 30 years later the feud rumbles on, as Rock Candy Mag writer Paul Elliott found out when he interviewed both musicians.
 “I’ve ben offered sh*tloads of money to do a Dokken reunion,” says Don. “But the thought of trying to get together with George one more time… I couldn’t take it.”
 Despite enjoying platinum success with the ‘Tooth And Nail’ album in 1984, the following year’s ‘Under Lock And Key’ and ‘87’s ‘Back For The Attack’, Dokken and Lynch could never see eye to eye and even ended up having a fist fight in the parking lot outside a London stadium when opening for AC/DC in 1988. "I said, 'Let's just get it over with," remembers Don. "And one of us is going to the hospital.' " Incredibly, though, 10 minutes later Dokken and Lynch were performing onstage together in front of thousands of fans.
 “Don’s ego was just gigantic,” says Lynch. “He built himself up and tried to crush everybody else. He had to be the absolute alpha male top dog.”
 In response the singer claims, “People say to me even now, ‘Don, you’re famous for being an asshole and a prima donna, a control freak.’ That was my reputation, because George was putting it out there.”
 Clearly there’s still plenty of bad blood between the two men and it looks like not even the lure of plenty of cold hard cash can persuade them to put their differences aside.
 “Every year I get the same offer,” says Don. “A ton of money for a new Dokken record with George, [drummer] Mick Brown and [bassist] Jeff Pilson. The thing is, I don’t need the money.” For his part Lynch recognises that “We are completely different animals, Don and I. We really aren’t meant for each other.”
 Sadly for all those fans who would love a reunion of the classic Dokken line-up, it looks like they will never have their wish fulfilled. But we can hope!

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