"Philthy Lies" out on March 29th!

 The LITTLE VILLAINS debut album 'Philthy Lies' is a half hour slice of rock n roll dream cake! Somehow as if Heaven sent and a rare treat, we are able to experience the exceptional and ferocious talent of late Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor one more time! Yes, the very same Philthy Animal Taylor that provided the pioneering backbeats to all the albums as a member of the classic lineup of the iconic rock group MOTÖRHEAD. Coupled with the solid hook lled songwriting and guitar graft from Mr. James A Childs who also fronts the desert rock band AVON, and the youthful thrashing energetic bass guitarist Owen Street of the Welsh Sludge duo VAILS makes for a Killer combination!
 The band’s rapport is evident throughout the record, the relaxed and candid approach is captured complete with repartee. Like a nomad scene from the Mad Max Road Warrior movie, cars fully laden with instrumental weaponry sped across the desert. Tracks were laid for the album at Unit A Studios in Palm Springs, California in February 2007.
 Philthy Lies was produced and engineered on 2 inch tape by James A Childs with Unit A's owner Robbie Waldman assisting the session. Recently, James has carefully carved the record's sound to maximum justice from the original tapes from mix to master, and it is some of his best work to date.
 Philthy Lies is a testament to Philthy Animal Taylor’s professionalism and is proof that he was still every bit the rock and roll giant, even 15 years after his departure from MOTÖRHEAD!
 LITTLE VILLAINS were formed in 2006 by none other than the legendary MOTÖRHEAD drummer Phil “Philthy Animal”Taylor, Mr James Childs of AVON & UK rock group AIRBUS and the Welsh bass player - Owen Street of desert rockers WAXY & sludge group VAILS.
 The band plays hard and heavy rock and roll, that’s it!
 Unfortunately Philthy is no longer with us but, his music shines on in true Motörspirit with his exceptional performance on the LITTLE VILLAINS ‘Philthy Lies’ album proving his explosive drumming technique was more than intact many years after his departure from MOTÖRHEAD!
 Despite personal circumstance preventing the band from ever breaking out, it has now been decided that the music deserves to be heard with the band signing to HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS and will be represented by James , Owen & the very capable AIRBUS drummer Chris Fielden to continue the group’s legacy and grow!

 (Photograph: Getty Images)

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