New self released album "V1.0" out now!

 Hailed as the bastard child of a illicit three-way between Skid Row, early-Guns N’ Roses & AC/DC, the Leicester, UK based quintet HELL'S ADDICTION are here to fuck your world up ... and make you come crawling back for more.
 Wandering into each others' lives in July of 2010 when bassist Jason Green contacted guitarist Liam Sargent about putting a band together. In the blink of an eye, Sargent had pulled his brother and singer Ben and drummer Luke Morley onboard and the band was off and running Their first order of business was to release two successive singles, "Alcohol" and "Let the Good Times Roll" in 2012 before unleashing their debut album, 'Raise Your Glass' in February of 2013, which was mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Killers, Jack White)
 Following extensive touring up and down the UK and abroad, in support of the debut album, the band released the well received single ‘What You Gonna Do?’ in April 2015.
 This single formed the lead track from their second album, 'Broken' – released through TBFM Records in July 2016, which also received critical acclaim across the board. “Based on the success of the ‘Broken’ album, our show offers got better and our opportunities got better as well, “says frontman Ben Sargent. “Then, we were asked to open Download 2016. That’s every rock musician’s dream to play that festival!” Second guitarist Dan Weir joined the band two short weeks before Download. "I think I'd be on the band's radar for a while as a potential guitarist," mentions Weir. "After a few messages we met up for a chat and was offered a chance to play Download, which, of course, used to be the Monsters of Rock Festival. I got the gig two weeks before the fest but for one of those weeks was on holiday with my family! Basically, I had two days and two rehearsals to get everything down. I do recall Liam coming over to me at one point saying, 'This is your solo coming up, mate.'"
 Current Ep, V1.0 was tracked at Axis Studios in Doncaster, England and recorded by Matt Elliss. “"Writing V1.0 was different for the band as we knew when we were writing the songs that it was going to be a special Ep," relates Sargent. "The music, lyrics and melodies just flowed. We had never really written a full ballad as they always felt like they weren't ‘Hell’s Addiction.’” However, when we wrote and played “If Time Stood Still” we knew it was a ballad that we were happy to play live. That is part of the essence of the band, if a track doesn't work on stage, it doesn't get near the studio!"
 “Running Away” was not initially a band favourite and nearly didn’t make the cut. "But after living with the song a while and after feedback from our nearest and dearest it made the Ep and is probably one our favourites now." If put to a vote, "Masking the Pain" would probably wind up the band's favourite track off of the Ep. "We all just really loved this track from the minute we wrote it and we all really enjoy playing it live and it’s a definite fan favourite, as well," while “Free your Mind” is just a balls out Rock classic, with the pace and thunder that fans would expect from Hell’s Addiction.
 Upon release, the Ep smashed it’s way into various UK charts including #7 on iTunes UK charts, #2 Amazon UK chart and the top of the heap, #1 at Hot New Release and Digital Download Amazon UK.  The band had truly arrived.
 In an incredibly short amount time HELL’S ADDICTION has risen up the ladder of the newly coined New Wave of Classic Rock (NWOCR) with their retro hard rock sound recalling 80s and early 90’s hard rock favourites while adding modern elements to the production value to keep things interesting.

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