New split 7" "Death Sick / Funeral Erection" out on June 28th!

 Blood Harvest Records is proud to present a special split 7" between CONTAMINATED and KUTABARE. Showcasing the most vile and literally sickest death metal Australia has to offer, both bands offer an exclusive track here. CONTAMINATED are up first, and blast forth with a gutsfucking fountian of pustulent deathgrind, arguably uglier and more crushing than their widely celebrated Final Man debut album for BLOOD HARVEST. KUTABARE conclude the split with a seasickening slice of equally deathgrinding filth. Their track here is their first since their comeback split recording with Dead Root last year, having been disbanded since 2006. Old ugliness, arisen from the sewer-drenched grave - truly go down under with this split, down where the slime live!

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