New album "Waiting Room For The Magic Hour" out on July 5th!

 Sacri Monti are back! After four long years - during which these San Diego troopers have been out exploring and channelling their psychedelic riff-laden missives out into the world - the five-piece has united to deliver Waiting Room For The Magic Hour.
 Over the past four years the band have taken twists and turns down different musical avenues allowing them to grow and develop as a band. On one hand they’re still the spaced out, jam-heavy beasts they always were, but on the other… you may not be expecting what could legitimately be labelled a ‘ballad’, nor may you be expecting a folk song as the album closer. But both are present, and both put a new spin on everything you thought you knew about Sacri Monti.
 Waiting Room For The Magic Hour’s title references the mundanity of life that we endure before something beautiful comes along and everything changes. Lyrically and thematically Sacri Monti have taken a mature approach to notions such as choosing the right path in life and learning to agree a truce with oneself. That’s not to say that the tone is necessarily a dark one; moments of pure bliss shimmer through too; Wading in Malcesine is an ambient segue inspired by a day off on tour in Lago di Garda in Northern Italy.
 Having gathered together inspirations, ideas and sections of tracks, much of the writing took place immediately before heading into the studio - and thriving on the pressure, further writing and reshaping happened in situ. Recorded during winter 2018/19 at Audio Design in their native San Diego, Sacri Monti have relied less on free-wheelin’ jams and sonic layering opting instead to focus on solid, well constructed tunes. The end result is Waiting Room For The Magic Hour - a record that is true to Sacri Monti’s roots, whilst taking things up a notch or five in the song writing stakes.

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