New album "Stormveiled" out on July 12th!

 Slovak black metal band Aeon Winds comes back with a sophomore album marking an important development in their music. After collaborating to split albums with Australian Midnight Odyssey and Norwegian Troll, here comes Stormveiled.
 Aeon Winds new opus is characterized by distinctive melodies combined with black metal in the vein of Emperor and old Limbonic Art, and lyrically delves into Carpathians and Slavic mythology.With several ambience parts and an atmospheric approach, Stormveiled is at the crossroads where symphonic black metal from the nineties and the most recent atmospheric experiments meet.
 Along these ten new songs Aeon Winds gathered contributions from older and more recent legends from the black metal world, hosting Mortiis, Morfeus (ex-Limbonic Art) and Dis Pater of Midnight Odyssey.