New EP "Tabella Defixionis" out on June 18th!

 Defixion (from the Greek "Defixio": synonym for curse tablet and binding ritual) hail from San Diego, California and play orthodox death metal with a conceptual passion for curses, maledictions, bygone cults, and antiquity. Formed in 2015, the band released their first three-song demo in 2015 and a second demo entitled DXN in 2016. The EP Tabella Defixionis was recorded and produced by Ed Talorda of Disgorge (USA) between Trench Studios and HZ Audiotech Services during 2018 and self-released in a very limited run which is sold out by now. With this recording, Defixion got the attention from Las Vegas Deathfest to participate in their 2019 edition and also Xtreem Music, who offered them a deal, starting with an official worldwide release of this EP.

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