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 Forged in 2008, New Zealand’s HERESIARCH is one of the most dominant forces of the current black/death metal underworld. The Wellington based malicious quartet has most recently crossed the threshold of an unprecedented level by bringing forth their debut LP, Death Ordinance. However, it will be inappropriate to glorify them solely based on the excellence of that album. Krucyator Productions offer the compilation CD Incursions —collecting all the materials that Heresiarch spawned prior to their 2017’s full length. All the tracks were newly mastered for this compilation album by Luke Finlay at Primal Mastering Studio to have an overall coherent sounding.
 Presented in sequential order, the compilation starts with the numbers from 2011’s ruinous demo, Obsecrating the Global Holocaust. Having two originals and one Bathory tribute (Equimanthorn), this demo helped Heresiarch to create a strong buzz in the underground. The following six tracks are taken from the celebrated EP Hammer of Intransigencethe, originally came out a few months after the demo. The final three tracks are borrowed from their 2014’s manifestation, Wælwulf.

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