New Double CD collection "The Resickened Orgy" on May 24th!

 Hailing from Portland Oregon, Lord Gore formed in 1998 and immediately made an impact upon the Death Metal/Grindcore scene, drawing comparisons to such horror obsessed masters as Impetigo and Autopsy. The Resickened Orgy compiles both of their classic out of print albums The Autophagous Orgy and Resickened (originally released on Razorback Records), presented in one disgusting package of Thrashy Goregrind that is not for the faint of heart. This flawless masterpiece of the macabre contains endless colossal riffs, depraved inhuman vocals (with no pitchshifters or vocal effects), pulverising drumming, crushing production and extremely vile artwork.
 Lord Gore disbanded in 2006 but have since returned to infect the masses with utter sickness and further cement their legacy as the kings of true Gore Metal! An essential platter of splatter for fans of Autopsy, Blood Freak, Carcass, Engorged, Frightmare, Ghoul, Impaled, Impetigo, Mortician and Splatterhouse.

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