New album "Providencia" out on May 3rd!

 HUSZAR is an Atmospheric/Progressive Blackgaze project hailing from San Antonio de Padua, Buenos Aires, founded by sole member Marc Huszar in the beginning of 2015. First setting out as an emotionally driven project, the first release featured a rather mellow, post-rock oriented sound, in contrast to the experimentational endeavours that followed with the first and second full-length studio albums “Los nuevos absolutos de todos los días quemados” and “Los nuevos absolutos: acto segundo”. As of today, Marc Huszar expands his signature sound even further on the third HUSZAR studio album “Providencia”, embracing a range of genres, spanning from Ambient, Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Krautrock, Psychadelic music, Darkwave, and Goth to Atmospheric Black Metal.
 For such a young label, Morrowless Music could not have hoped for a more solid release than HUSZAR. New studio album “Providencia” by sole member Marc Huszar utterly depend on the coagency of superb musicianship and the rare ability of successfully channeling raw emotion. When hearing his work, anyone with even a slight interest in the art of musical expression will hesitate to challenge the fact that HUSZAR is the result of a sincerely burdened, yet beautiful mind. Even though no set genre description would sufficiently define HUSZAR, Atmospheric/Progressive Blackgaze should work as a guiding star.
 Enter the sonic landscape of HUSZAR and lose yourself amongst its massive peaks and abysmal valleys of sheer beauty and crushing despair.

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