ORDER 1968

"Tears in the Snow" re-issued on May 17th!

 ANNAPURNA presents a precious reissue of ORDER 1968's Tears in the Snow tape. It will include the original album in its entirety remastered by Giovanni Indorato at Cyber Ghetto Studio, as well as one additional track from the recording sessions, and using the original tape artwork but graphically fitting on CD format.
 Tears in the Snow is one of the first audio manifestations of Claudio Dondo, a sound that would later be expressed with Runes Order, the project born right after ORDER 1968. Originally released in 1991, ORDER 1968's Tears in the Snow was recorded in the personal studio of sole member Dondo, and originally released on tape by his own label Hate Productions. With ORDER1968, the band began the path onto industrial / dark ambient / ritualistic sound that later will be the sound of Runes Order for 30 years of their career now. On Tears in the Snow, you will hear keyboards, samples, effects, and environmental sounds coexist and in an unhealthy experimental/paranoic vein with horror-like colors, other times suggesting a soundtrack.
 In 1999, Oktagon Records reissued for the first time on CD this release with the Runes Order moniker; the edition was 200 copies, with new artwork and the same audio. This new ANNAPURNA edition has instead the original artwork and a remastering from the original tapes, adding value to the sound and the release itself.