Debut album "Hinterlands" out on March 28th!

 With "Hinterlands" they spread their progressive, melancholic (doom) metal over the vast wastelands of the current metal scene, bringing from heavy, 8 string guitar driven doom metal to fragile and atmospheric outburst of emotions. With the soothing vocals of Marjan Welman (Autumn) at the helm, the song writing and unique style of guitarist Eric Hazebroek (ex-Stream of Passion), the powerful drums of Jim v/d Kerkhof (ex-All For Nothing), the heaviness that is guitarist Thomas Cochrane (Hologram Earth), and the 6 strings of bass of Arjan Heijden (ex-Manifest), this album shows there’s more diversity and honesty to be found when musicians don’t aim to please but aim to create beautiful music.

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