New album "In Cold Blood" out on April 12th!

 Influenced by the malevolence of Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent, Obituary and the likes, BLOODPHEMY are an old school death metal band hailing from Amersfoort, Utrecht. The Dutch group made their start in the year 2000, and their initial run was intense but unfortunately short. Crushing stages for two consecutive years and releasing the demo “Section 8”, Bloodphemy came to a full stop in 2003, but only to come back stronger and heavier than ever after thirteen years of long slumber.
 2016 saw the release of the EP “Blood Will Tell”, which pulled the band back in the game. Just a year later, Bloodphemy unchained the debut full length called “Bloodline” in the mid-2017. Playing in various shows in Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Austria has helped the band gaining a steady reputation. In their current incarnation, Bloodphemy have shared stages with prominent acts such as Severe Torture, Vader, Entombed and Cryptopsy. Their powerful combination of Florida and Swedish death metal with a mature production has already left a bloody trail across Europe.
 Bloodphemy are poised to unleash their upcoming album, In Cold Blood, this April 12th via Black Lion Records. With 10 blood-drenched numbers, the Dutch maniacs are opening another chamber of horrors and vile massacres. 
 The repugnant artwork is the creation of Bahrull Marta / Abomination Imagery.

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