New album "Antechamber" out in April!

 Toronto’s SLUDGEHAMMER are ready to pummel the masses with their forthcoming album "Antechamber" ready to destroy eardrums on April 12, 2019.
 Heavy and groovy, SLUDGEHAMMER delivers the goods with astounding precision and the confidence of a world-class band. The first single "No Control", with its ferocious drumming that collides with equally aggressive riffs and vocals, is a solid introduction to the pummeling album that "Antechamber" promises to be.
 “The whole process has been trial by fire. We bring what we have to the table and if it fits our signature blend then we roll with it. Over the years from our first release until now, our sound has matured quite well and it's all thanks to the support and input from our fans and friends that have kept us going down the right path thus far. We can only hope to keep pleasing who we do with our albums while bringing in a new level of fan base due to our more well rounded and heavy-yet-easy listening style.”

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