Delves into personal struggles with debut EP "Expedition" out on March 18th!

 OUR DYING WORLD, from Los Angeles, USA have compiled 5 heavy hitting tracks on their debut EP "Expedition" set to be released March 18, 2019. These tracks all have a personal meaning to Tom Tierney (drums) who envisioned the EP and went on to write it, later recruiting the rest of the lineup to finish the project.
 Two singles have been released already from "Expedition" and the diversity between the two tracks shows that not only does the band have remarkable flexibility and musicianship, but they are able to captivate a wide audience using a variety of well-crafted elements. "Post Mortem" is a fast thrash attack conveying anger and determination whereas "Liberation" is a melodic doomy song that explores pain and suffering but also self-perseverance.
 Our Dying World was conceived in 2018 by renowned metal musician Tom Tierney. After a series of major life challenges, the story of Tierney’s evolution has become the first chapter of Our Dying World.
 The first EP entitled "Exhibition" is the story of loss, drawn through time, to find inner peace and an acceptance of life’s immense struggles. The concept of ODW’s first record can be summed up simply: ‘Find the strength inside you to carry on’ -Even when it feels like there’s nothing left to give.
 “Our Dying World is evolving fast. There’s a lot of work for us to do, but if it was easy that would defeat the purpose of the record and concept itself. Our record, our message, and our journey are for you. We do this in the hope that our fans embrace our music as much as we embrace anyone of you that are struggling to pierce through the challenges and speed bumps of this mortal coil. So stay tuned. Exclusives, singles, and behind the scenes videos are on their way. We invite you to find us on social media and walk this path with us. Together we will prevail.”


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