New album "Vomit & Lice" out on March 8th!

 Regain Records and Troglodyte Records (Record Heaven) are proud to announce the co-release of WOLFSBLOOD's debut album, Vomit & Lice. Metallic, female-fronted D-beat at its finest and fiercest, Vomit & Lice features 10 songs of pure nuclear-powered Motorcharge - total energy and crushing violence! Indeed, with members hailing from punk-scene legends Moderat Likvidation and horror metallers Tenebre, WOLFSBLOOD are a veritable holocaust in your head, showing no mercy as the bulldoze down the gates during the album's gutsfucking 37 minutes. Highly recommended for fans of Wolfbrigade, Disfear, later Anti-Cimex, early Sacrilege, and of course classic Discharge and Motörhead!


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