New album "Back" out on February 26th!

 Steelwings hail from Sweden and play classic hard rock/heavy metal with roots firmly from the 80’s. Their new album Back shows the band in uncompromising mood and undiminished with age. On Back, the band have paid special attention to keeping that 80’s vibe but with an updated sound, without being too polished.
 The albums feel is mostly about having a good time but there are also songs with a bit deeper lyrical ideas. With this in mind, Steelwings tried to create songs with slightly different approaches to make a more tonally interesting album. At the time of making the new record, the group didn’t have a record deal and recorded in their own home-studio. Because of different commitments within the band, Back took some time to finish but now it’s finally here and ready for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records.
 The cover artwork and booklet was a cooperation between Tattoo-Thomas Art and Jerry Gladh Mediaproduktion.
 Recorded at Axehult Studio, Markaryd, Sweden and mixed at Wessinge Studio, Laholm, Sweden.
 Produced and mixed by Gert-Inge Gustafsson.
 Mastered by Sweden Mastering.
 Cover by Tattoo Thomas Art and Jerry Gladh, Markaryd, Sweden.

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