New album "Left to Rot" out in March!

 Dutch death metallers PUTREFIED CORPSE have just inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their debut album, to be titled Left to Rot, scheduled for March 19th internationally.
 PUTREFIED CORPSE was born in 2013, but after going through different stages and changes in its lineup, the band has finally achieved a steady one that includes ex-members of bands like Phlebotomized, Adetar and Death Squad. Throughout the year 2018, the band has been recording their debut album, Left to Rot, which they showed to XTREEM MUSIC, who immediately offered them a deal. The style of PUTREFIED CORPSE is pure death metal the old-school way whose main influences could come from bands like Gorefest, Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Obituary, and Massacre.

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