New split "Human Extinction Engine" out on March 1st!

 Human Extinction Engine is the upcoming split record between the throttling yet textured death industrial of XIPHOID DEMENTIA and the harsh space ambience of BASTARD NOISE. Conceptually, both artists unite in seeing a world where humans slowly tighten the noose around their own neck through "advancement" and "industry." Yet each artist reflects this concept in very different ways.
 On side A, XIPHOID DEMENTIA turns inward with cryptic spoken samples and delivers one track of pummeling industrial, one track of seething dark ambience, and concludes his piece with a martial industrial anthem. On side B, BASTARD NOISE explodes outward with clear cut lyrics delivered with his token death growls on tracks that range from textured harsh noise, to cosmic ambience.
 XIPHOID DEMENTIA is the electronic music project of sound artist Egan Budd. Recordings began in 1999 and despite infrequent collaborations XIPHOID DEMENTIA has remained a solo project. With XIPHOID DEMENTIA, Budd aims to create emotionally and visually charged soundscapes that affect the psyche of listener in both a conscious and subliminal nature. Compositions range from cerebral industrial to introspective drone and the many realms within.
 BASTARD NOISE began as a combination side project and alter ego (with early releases often bearing both names) of the powerviolence group Man Is The Bastard in June of 1991. When Man Is The Bastard ended, BASTARD NOISE continued, mostly through the use of so called "caveman electronics" (the term that Henry Barnes gave his homemade tube oscillators) and vocals. Since then, the project has gone through various forms and sounds ranging from heavy rock to power electronics to full on noise. In 1999, John Wiese joined the fold which moved the project into more atmospheric territory, before leaving in 2004. Eric Wood and W.T. Nelson remained as the core of the project and the recent return of Joel Connell, along with Danny Walker's arrival, pushed the project back toward a sound similar to Man Is The Bastard. Currently, BASTARD NOISE is the solo project of Eric Wood with frequent collaborators.

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