New album "Endarkenment" out on February 19th!

 Spanish doom/death sextet ONIROPHAGUS will release their highly aniticipated second album, Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction), through XTREEM MUSIC on February 19th.
 Nearly six years have passed since the release of their first album, Prehuman, in September 2013, a time frame where ONIROPHAGUS  have suffered some lineup changes but still managed to retain the essence of their sound, turning it even heavier and darker, creating a monumental opus divided into four acts with a total running time of almost one hour! The style of ONIROPHAGUS  is a deep doom/ death with noticeable influences from bands like Ophis, Evoken, Necros Christos, Morgion, and My Dying Bride.
 Cover artwork courtesy of Ars Moriendee (Neurosis, Harakiri For The Sky, Converge).


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