Debut EP "Dragonfire" out on February 8th!

 The story of Viking metal band Bleckhorn started when ex-Hammerfall bassist Magnus Rosen decided to contact renowned guitarist, songwriter and producer Jayce Landberg after having heard one of his compositions.
 Jayce had in the past released several solo albums on Marquee Avalon amongst other labels and worked with artists such as Europe bassist John Leven and ex-Ring of Fire vocalist Mark Boals.
 Soon, the two of them developed an artistic bond and decided to team up with ex-Yngwie Malmsteen singer Göran Edman as well as ex-John Norum & 220 Volt drummer Peter Hermansson.
 The result was Bleckhorn, a brand new modern sounding Scandinavian metal band lyrically influenced by Old Norse mythology and enlightening the technicality and musicality of its band members as well as Jayce Landberg's subtile songwriting, all that without crossing the Viking Metal's cliché boundaries.
 Bleckhorn stand out amongst the rest as they, as opposed to adhering to the modern Viking Metal image stereotype, seek out a lyrical subtlety and poetic approach, one similar to the spirit of the Poetic Eddan, which leads one to think that there is more than meets the eye to these committed Vikings.
 Their debut E.P. release Dragonfire showcases 4 original songs written and produced by Erik Jayce Landberg.

(Photograph by Henrik Berggren)

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