New album "The Grimoires" out now!

 "'The Grimoires' is an epic album that tells the stories behind the books banned for centuries in most of Western countries. Inferitvm want to show people the most unknown face of these books, the one that has unleashed its curse through the centuries, and they have also tried to capture in each song the rituals and the correct words that each magic book carried in its pages, words responsible in the majority of the cases of its prohibition and unnatural death or execution of its authors. They were called sorcerers (or scientists by others) which only sin was looking for knowledge and power in a brutal age of guided by blind Christianity.
 This is a special album, with an hour of finest ‘occult black metal’ songs; completed with actual spells on its lyrics and full of nuances and contrast... It’s an interesting concept album that you can try to decipher, while music and lyrics will try to preserve that esoteric kind of vibe. The band recorded eleven songs, long and intrincate, about about eight minutes some of them, so It's a very special LP because of its meaning and because of the progression of Inferitvm’s music.
 These islanders (the band is based in Majorca Island) put a lot of effort recording raw but melodic albums while they give their version of 90’s black metal. We find inspiration in those bands, and we pay tribute to that scene. Their fans have been asking for a new album from a long time, so here it is, directly from hell, directly from all secret knowledge extracted from the most heretic literature along mankind history, so the question is… are you ready to unlock the deeper secrets of the darkest literature?