New album “Boneyard Symphonies” out on February 1st!

 MEGASCAVENGER from Sweden return after few years with fourth full length. “Boneyard Symphonies” brings forth 9 songs of dark, heavy and catchy European death metal. Just pure metal roller with powerful sound that will appeal to all fans of BOLT THROWER, GRAVE, PAGANIZER, ASPHYX, BENEDICTION.
 As usual the mainman behind the band Rogga Johansson (also known from PAGANIZER, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, ECHELON, LOBOTOMY DEPT, MEGASCAVENGER, PUTREVORE, REVOLTING, RIBSPREADER,THE GROTESQUERY, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE...) has invited a bunch of guests to make this masterpiece even catchier: Sven Gross (FLESHCRAWL), Ralf Hauber (REVEL IN FLESH), Jonas Lindblad (PUTERAEON), Michael Andersen (THORIUM), Mattias Parkkila (BLOOD MORTIZED), Tommy Carlsson (ENTRAILS), Adde Mitroulis (BIRDFLESH, GENERAL SURGERY), Dany Deranger (DEAD) and Jens Johansson (MEGA SLAUGHTER).
 The album was recorded at The Rotpit Studios and some other studios; mixed and mastered by Jonny Pettersson (WOMBBATH, ASHCLOUD, JUST BEFORE DAWN, RIBSPREADER). Artwork by Ironworx Gravefix (BONE GNAWER, PAGANIZER, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE).


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