New 7" as precursor to new album!

 In 2019, Bewitcher returns in conspiracy with Shadow Kingdom Records for their first release in over two years in the form of a new single, Too Fast for the Flames, set for international release on March 8th. This hotter-than-hell 7" is the first offering from the highly anticipated full-length follow-up to their now-cult-classic self-titled debut album. Fans of that record shan't be disappointed upon first listen. "Too Fast for the Flames" features the same machine-gun riffing, poisonous vocals, and locomotive rhythm section that the band has become infamous for. Proudly defiant in its lyrical slant and expressing zero interest in shame or regret, it is a true declaration of decadence.
 The new release also marks another milestone in the band's career by spawning its first official music video (shot by Wes "Craven" Cueto for Breaker Films and edited by Tim Burgess). Backed with a savage cover of the classic W.A.S.P. B-side "Show No Mercy," this fireball of searing wax is but a taste of the hellish dealings yet to come. Having spent most of 2018 setting city after city alight in the U.S. and Canada, honing their Satanic magick attack to a katana's edge, Bewitcher have now set their sights on the rest of the world. From its fiery artwork (drawn and painted by Andreas Magus & Prilzor, respectively) to the infernal sounds contained within, Bewitcher are back from hell to strike your heart with deadly speed! Satanic Speed Metal always prevails when it's TOO FAST FOR THE FLAMES!

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