Set release date for debut album!

 Iron Bonehead Productions sets March 22nd as the international release date for Goatkraft's highly anticipated debut album, Sulphurous Northern Bestiality, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
 Following a full year from the band's rapturously received Angel Slaughter EP via Iron Bonehead, Goatkraft's
 Sulphurous Northern Bestiality says everything it needs to in its title: chokingly sulphurous, beyond bestial in both form and content, and hailing from the northern climes of Norway, a country usually underrepresented in the bestial arts. The power-trio's full-length debut hardly differs from its shorter predecessor, underlining the band's commitment to their monochromatic muse, but offers a fuller and fouler expression of the Goatkraft vision.
 Crude and rude and completely stripped bare of any remotely excessive adornment, Goatkraft are a study in stark, stultifying minimalism. Their punishing, primitivist surge hearkens back to the almighty Blasphemy, but truly finds its voice within the seething spite of Black Witchery; not for nothing did they conclude Angel Slaughter with a cover of that band's eternal "Unholy Vengeance of War." Barbaric black metal is again the order of the day on Sulphurous Northern Bestiality, dutifully redone with nuclear-powered panache, red-eyed and regimented, and a true devotee's lust for pure form. Indeed, the purity of violence - rabid, roiling, righteous - doesn't come more distilled and undiluted than
 Sulphurous Northern Bestiality. Here continues the whirlwind of Goatkraft.