Debut album "Concrete Jungle" coming on January 25th!

 These four youngsters have everything that will make 80's thrash metal great again: Time to grab your old denim vest from your wardrobe and get back into the mosh pit, as FUSION BOMB are here to revive your Metal spirit! But let's start right from the beginning, in Luxembourg, anno 2010. Just when puberty truly struck and thrash metal has been the bee’s knees, FUSION BOMB went through a nuclear fission and the band saw the light of day. Today, puberty has mostly faded, but passion and dedication have stayed. As it's tradition, the first few years were spent with jamming and drinking beer together, while the work on FUSION BOMB''s first EP 'Pravda' started. Being a young and motivated thrash metal band, there is certainly nothing more enticing as being on stage, which is why FUSION BOMB never stand still to wait for their fortune, but instead played the crap out of stages of all sizes: As support for Megadeth, Tankard or Dust Bolt, FUSION BOMB have already impressively left their first stamp in nowadays metal scene. Inspired by bands such as Exodus, D.R.I. and Violator, FUSION BOMB are here to fight false Metal and cheap Pizza-Thrash, and are finally set to release their first full-length on January 25th 2019 with Berlin-based label Iron Shield Records!
 Today the up&coming band from Luxembourg is sharing another tasty appetizer with us and premiering a brand new music video for the track 'Slam Tornado'! „Slam Tornado is our Toxic Waltz. A true Thrash Metal anthem about everything that makes this genre so great and to what it drives you live – circle pits, compound fractures and a lot of fun!” the band comments. “As you can see in the video, we had a lot of fun on and off-stage too, partying hard together with Tankard, the Swedes from Warfect and the Danes from Impalers on our second Eastern Europe tour. This was the ride of our lives and we are hungry for more. Let the slammin' begin!“
 Recorded at the Holtz Sound Studios in Tuntange (Luxembourg) by the band itself, 'Concrete Jungle' has been mixed and mastered by US based producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who is known for his excellent work for bands alike Municipal Waste, Revocation or Hatebreed. The result is a timeless piece of aural assault that sounds so fierce and brutally fresh, as it can only be the natural follow-up to the band's 2016-debut EP 'Pravda'. 'Concrete Jungle' will be available in CD and Digital Download formats January 25th 2019 on Iron Shield Records.

(Photograph by Michael Ghasemian)