Set release date for new album!

 Norwegian black metallers Nordjevel, whose self-titled debut album was released on Osmose Productions to great critical acclaim three years ago, are back with a vengeance with Necrogenesis, an album which sees the band's core of founder and vocalist Doedsadmiral (Svartelder, Doedsvangr, Enepsigos) and bassist DzeptiCunt (ex-Ragnarok), being joined by Destruchtor (Myrkskog, ex-Morbid Angel) on guitars and backing vocals and Dominator (ex-Dark Funeral) on drums.
 The new arrivals have enabled Nordjevel to expand its musical horizons and produce an album that promises to be more ferocious than its predecessor, as Doedsadmiral explains: "With the addition of Destruchtor and Dominator to the band's lineup, Nordjevel has never been so strong. Necrogenesis is a much darker and violent album. It is also more varied and mature, both musically and lyrically. We definitely did not want to get stuck in a rut and churn out an identikit version of our debut, and fortunately, we all felt that we wanted to go in the same direction, so we were all able to work together extremely well on the new songs. Having said that, Necrogenesis was a hard bastard of an album to complete, and at times, we felt that the universe was conspiring against us, so it became a very personal album for all of us."
 Recorded at Velvet Recording in Spydeberg, Norway, Necrogenesis was engineered by Nordjevel and Christer Krogh, and mixed and mastered by Patric Darkhyrys at his WSL Studios in France. Artwork and layout by Vincent Fouquet of Above Chaos.