New album "Crescendo" out on January 19th!

 With their third album "crescendo", the two-piece orchestra Scarabæusdream sets a milestone, creates a monster, composes a work. The producer Johannes Cap sums it up in sound and concept, and the concertante arc of the two ranges from rousing post-hardcore mania to flashy, precise pop flashes. Three songs are titled Euphoria and not without a reason: Hannes Moser on drums and Bernd Supper on piano and voice, create in their arrangements a musical and emotional fall height that lacks any comparisons. Meter-thick sound walls break through, and torrential sound waves evaporate into clouds the next moment, carrying fragile interludes. The album "crescendo" penetrates and penetrates, tattoos its way into the deepest ventricle, embraces revealingly and leaves an addiction behind. It is released by Noise Appeal Records on the 19th of January
 Many wild word constructs are unpacked to assign Scarabæusdream to a genre. Admittedly difficult, the duo's "huge universe" ranges from epic-orchestral classical music to post-hardcore screams and pop. And that despite the narrow line-up of piano and drums. That sounds like euphoria, madness and also love. The band says: "They are all love songs. If we didn't believe in them, there wouldn't be any reason to be outraged: "Anyone who has ever seen one of their post-uns-die-Sintflut concerts knows about the rousing directness and tangible presence that make up their music. Scarabæusdreams are loud and daring, embracing everything and extreme. - Yes, because otherwise mediocrity lurks everywhere and art becomes entertainment. Where forced silence, false harmony and homeland faith rule, they don't want to be there!

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