New album "Sang et Or" coming on January 25th!

 Kicking off into a new year with fierce blackened sludge-core tunes, the true agents of the apocalypse ERLEN MEYER pursue their quest for darkness and are set to release their sophomore album this January, 25th of 2019 with Argonauta Records! On 'Sang et Or', the French-based power quintet continues the experience of a concept that is paying tribute to the dark novels of Agatha Christie and the spine-chilling stories of Alfred Hitchcock. Still ERLEN MEYER are breaking boundaries of the monolithic and crushing Sludge and Hardcore styles it won fame with, to deliver a straightforward yet subtle version of their genre.
 'Sang et Or' will be the first chapter of a sordid investigation, and it's the genuine summary of influences converging towards a pinnacle of obscurity and heaviness, celebrating the cursed marriage of a narration worthy of the gloomiest detective novels and the soundtrack of a savage thriller. As a background to this ceremony, the band redoubled their efforts to offer a video projection aimed at illustrating live performances and to let the audience join an ultimate experience into sounds, visuals and emotions.

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