New album "The Island" out on February 15th!

 Featuring trailblazing musicians from San Diego’s groundbreaking psychedelic scene, VOLCANO merges Afro-beat rhythms, electric rock guitar and dance floor grooves to forge a sound that is totally new, yet swiftly familiar.  On its dynamic debut, The Island, VOLCANO explodes, delivering  polyrhythmic, serpentine, yet highly listenable songs that flow like lava. The album mines inspiration from global greats including Fela Kuti, Witch, and The Funkees, the krautrock mind-jams of Can and Neu!, James Brown's funk and the rhythmic complexity of the Allman Brothers.
 Talking about the band's sound, Oakley expands: "As far as our sounds, I think VOLCANO sounds very different from every band Ake, Billy, Gabe and I have been in. A lot of it has to do with our drummer, my brother, Matt, moving back to town. He’s always been an insanely talented musician and it’s great to finally put together a serious project with him. VOLCANO is influenced by rhythm and percussion based bands like Fela Kuti, The Funkees, Gaspar Lawal, and Ebo Taylor so it wouldn’t sound the same if our drummer wasn’t able to play polyrhythmic beats. Also, Matt and I grew up together listening to Allman Brothers’ Live at the Fillmore so there’s an equally heavy dose of Allman-style free-jamming going on. We’re hoping to mix the best of both those worlds."

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