New album "Sentience" out on February 22nd!

 Fredrik Klingwall & Julia Black have together with an ensemble of highly creative musicians forged the explosive emotional album SENTIENCE. Blending pop, rock and even jazzy sensibilities over dreamy cinematic surroundings. Julia's versatile vocals performed in several languages becomes a thrilling focal-point through which the music delivers an enigmatic blend of classical and experimental compositions.
 The achievement of SENTIENCE resides a lot in its assembling. It was not bringing orphan musical ideas together that took several years to complete. It was the process of perfecting them. Two artists working online to envision a destination where the voice and compositions dance and breathe together. Reacting to each unexpected turn a new layer or musical motif could provide became an integral part of the process. Employing organic lively old instruments where each note brings an unexpected distinctiveness just as much as an inspired musical performance, or the happy accidents of exploratory sound processing. They all endeavor to become part of the whole.
 Lyrically each of the ten songs lives within its own ruminations, where the words are purposely written in several languages to express its emotional narrative on different levels of sensibility and exposition. The final piece 'At the Precipice' plays an important role to shape a circular conclusion containing spoken words from all songs. And in so doing becoming the culmination which exposes the quintessence of a beautiful yet doom-laden and inevitable circumstance.
 Just like Sentience means the feeling or sensation as distinguished from perception and thought, this album represents something abstract and natural. With a warmth and peculiar charm its mysterious and alluring themes are slowly revealed, and in the end, impossible to escape.
 Fredrik Klingwall is a prolific Swedish composer and producer with a background in several bands and projects. Working with keyboard productions for bands like Leprous, Diabolical and doing live shows with amongst other progressive metal veterans Loch Vostok, and eclectic instrumental band Gösta Berlings Saga. Still Fredrik is no stranger to compose for his own projects seeing that the last two decades having an output with underground acts Anima Morte and Rising Shadows, where the seeds of his current writing can be discerned.
 Julia Black is a Romanian singer-songwriter, rhythm guitarist, lyricist, poet, writer and translator. She started her musical career back in the 90's as a solo artist and since then she started two rock bands, joined several rock bands as a singer, and also participated on numerous other musical projects including Jazz, Hip-hop and Metal collaborations. Now she's the singer/lyricist of the Romanian symphonic power metal band Apotheoses. Along with her contributions to this band she keeps writing and recording her own music. She studied classical guitar and piano in the early years and graduated the School of Art in Bucharest, jazz improvisation class.
 Adding to the line-up is the ever inventive Mattias Olsson (ex-Änglagård, White Willow) on drums and percussion and certain effects and noises. Multifaceted bassist Gustaf Hielm (Pain of Salvation, Mats & Morgan, Dark Funeral) employs several different bass instruments and techniques to complete the personality of each song. Rounded out by a string section comprised of Hanna Ekström and Anna Dager of the acclaimed Stockholm Strings. The warm and wide mix of David Castillo (Katatonia, Opeth) is further enhanced by the mastering of Thomas "Plec" Johansson.

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