New album "Tutor Of The Dying" out now!

 As total strangers but with the same love for the better music, 5 lads met in June 2016 at Zaventem City -1930 for life!- with a shared goal: translating their life vision and musical ideas into symphonic deathcore.
 After a solid jam session  of the heavier calibre, followed by an open and above all friendly chat, they decided to baptise their project ‘When Plagues Collide’, a name standing for the reflection of our modern society and allowing a critical view on social issues nowadays. The better political party, one could say. No boundaries, not in theme, nor in weight, nor brutality.
 After a rather short but intense writing process, new born When Plagues Collide was ready to destroy stages -and skulls. Armed with singalongs of their EP ‘Shrine of Hatred’ (April 2017) they explored many local and less local bars – and lived a splendid time in which these five wolves not only enjoyed presenting their music to the crowd, but also diligently kept on writing new songs.
 Meanwhile WPC headed to the studio for their debut full album ‘Tutor of the Dying’, and have got the honour of working together with icons such as Project Zero Studio, Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent and Hollow Prophet), Luke Griffin (Acrania and Human Error) and Tim De Ridder (ex- The Seventh and ex-Before He Shot her). What better date to release an album with such title as the celebration of the dead themselves. Therefore, Tutor of the Dying shall see the light of life at the first of November 2018.
 Due to all given chances were thankfully taken, these gents can now look forward to sharing the stage with personal heroes, such as Aborted, Within Destruction, Pig Destroyer, Gutalax, God Dethroned, and other heavy weights within the scene.
 As conclusion we can say that When Plagues Collide does – and will continue to do- everything to keeping the scene alive, and to dictate violence (read: in friendship and IN the pit). For we, as unified fans of the heavy music, shall never stop spreading OUR plague!


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