New album "The Boars Nest" out on December 18th!

 Atlanta’s finest, Bless The Dead are ready to unleash their brand new album on to an unsuspecting public. The Boars Nest is choke full of the bands trademark Southern styled, groove rock and metal with a lyrical trait that runs through the core of the record. Bless The Deadcite influences such as Pantera, Clutch, Faith No More, High On Fire and Corrosion of Conformity but with The Boars Nest, they have created a sound that is the band’s alone. The lyrics on The Boars Nest touch on the many paths and experiences they have encountered both on and off stage. Their music is about living to the fullest and pushing limits each and everyday day for whatever situation.
 The band explain more about the concept of the album; “The Boars Nest is an album about all the desire, thirst, appetite and prolific things of this world. Issues and matters that should always be controlled by moderation. If taken further, you could find yourself in misfortune. It’s thoughts through an unclear mind. It’s for people that can’t let go sometimes. Looking for things that could cut you the deepest, all the while giving back an inch at a time. It’s about living life fast and for the day, knowing it could all stop at any second. Some will struggle into nothing and willingness. Almost a memoir of a junkie. All while wondering how you will handle your ignorant bliss.”

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