New album "Limitless" out now!

 Lance King invites us to leave behind fear, doubt, and failure with the forthcoming album "ReProgram"!
 St. Paul, MN. November 26, 2018 – Legendary Progressive Metal vocalist Lance King (Pyramaze, Balance of Power, Gemini, Avian) recently had an epiphany so powerful that it compelled him to create a new album titled ReProgram, the first single of which (“Limitless”) debuts today.
 “I remember it vividly,” said King. “The entire ReProgram album and all it was meant to be came to me in a flash, almost all at once, One minute I was watching the news, reading Facebook posts, exploring YouTube and thinking about how people are always at each other’s throats…and the next minute saying to myself, ‘It doesn’t have to be this way.’ In that split second, ReProgram was born. I quickly called some friends with the idea. They said they were in.”
 "I set out to write happy metal songs thinking the world needs more happy music, especially 'heavy' happy music! But that isn't came out of us. The lyrics are moody and deal with the common struggle of being stuck in an unhappy life by our conditioning... but this programming can be changed!   Reprogram is my story, but I believe it can become your story, too. I invite you to take this Celestial Metal journey with me…"

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