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New album "Suffer More" out now!

 OUT OF THE PRIMORDIAL OOZE... come DOOMSDAY OUTLAW! A ten-legged Armageddon machine rolling out of darkest Derbyshire, spitting heavy riffs and heavier grooves in all directions. Tales of hope and despair to bang your head to and lose your voice.
 Releasing their second album in May 2016 to widespread acclaim (see below), the band have set about perfecting their live show. Effortlessly mixing heavy blues stomp with a melancholy tuneful edge, they recall Clutch, The Allman Brothers, Screaming Trees and Led Zeppelin - to name a few.
 This was the album that put the band to the attention of Frontiers and that brought the album “Hard Times” to be released in May 2018 to more worldwide acclaim! Frontiers is now reissuing it giving it a wide availability throughout the world!

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