New album "Blue Skies Laced With Pesticide" set for release on December 7th!

 Fleshreaper return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the full length album Blue Skies Laced With Pesticide! Hailing from Tampa Bay Florida, Fleshreaper perform corpse thrashing, raw Death Punk from the grave. Following up on 2016's album Casketastrophe, Blue Skies... features fourteen tracks of intense, catchy and vile, horrific madness! Fleshreaper consists of Tony Anderson from Generichrist and Doomsilla, as well as current/former members of Massacre, The Crucifucks, Human Sufferage and Bandwhore. A must have release for fans of Abscess, The Accused, Dwarves, The Lurking Corpses, Violation Wound and Zeke.

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