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Debut album re-issued on February 15th!

 One of the most important psych - acid rock albums of the new millenium.
 The Dzjenghis Khan self-titled debut album was released in 2007 by the dutch indipendent label Motorwolf. The San Francisco based band Dzjenghis Khan featured bassist Carson Binks (also in Wild Eyes and Saviours), drummer Tommy Tomson and guitarist Lane Rider. This record reflects the musical scene of that era and it's still a raw acid rock pearl !!!
 Heavy Psych Sounds Records is so proud to bring back to the current audience a piece of real acid rock.
 Dzjenghis Khan was one of the firstbands to bring back the “psych sound”, in a time where there was not real audience, we can say they've been pioneers after the pioneers!
 The album is composed by 10 killer tracks, the sound is dirty, fuzzy and raw. The atmosphere is nearly lo-fi but the riffing melt your face.

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